Participation at conferences, workshops and seminars

(2021) “Managing conflicting mandates: wielding procedural expertise in a government agency”, Seminar Series, Division of Public Administration, CIDE, November 2021

(2021) "When boundaries collapse: developing and sustaining high commitment in a grassroots organization", IOA Conversation Series "Organizational Ethnography on the Streets" , Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School, September 2021 

(2021) OMT Doctoral Student Consortium, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2021

(2021) Medici Summer School, sponsored by Bologna Business School, HEC Paris, and MIT Sloan School of Management, June 2021

(2021) "Treading carefully: the challenges of expert work in public organizations", 8th Ethnography Workshop (online), ESADE Business School, May 2021

(2021) "The political is also personal: sustaining responsibilization in voluntary grassroots organizations", Ethnography Atelier Seminar Series (online), May 2021

(2020) "A study of work and public service in a Mexican government agency", Proposal Defense (online), Emlyon Business School, June 2020

(2020) "Believing in the cause is not enough: managing commitment and participation in a voluntary organization".13th Chamonix PhD Seminar in Management (online), March 2020

(2019) "When the Political Becomes Personal: Managing Commitment and Emotions in a Collectivist Organization". Presented at the “Alternatives to Capitalism” Research Network I.Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Meeting, The New School, New York City, June 2019

(2019) "When the political becomes personal: ethnographic study of an electoral campaign". 7th Ethnography Workshop, ESADE Business School, Barcelona, March 2019

(2018) SCANCOR Symposium on Institutional Analysis, sponsored by Copenhagen Business School and Stanford University, Copenhagen, September 2018

(2015) “Interpretative Policy Analysis: a Foucaultian Governmentality Approach”. Presented at the panel: Analyzing Policy Knowledges and Policy Practices (governmentality, problematization, discourse). 10th International conference in Interpretative Policy Analysis (IPA), Lille, France, July 2015

Research groups and affiliations

Member and podcaster at the Talking About Organizations Podcast

Member and organizer of the Ethnography Atelier

Member of the Research Center for Work, Technology, and Organization (WTO), Emlyon Business School

Member of the Academy of Management (AOM) — Organization and Management Theory (OMT) and Public and Nonprofit Organizations (PNP) divisions


Member of the European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS)

Academic Service

Organizing Committee for the "8th Annual Navigating Qualitative Dissertations: Advice from the Experts" at the Academy of Management (AOM), 2021


Organizer of "The Underground", a qualitative research workshop, 2019-2021

At Emlyon Business School, “The Underground” is a qualitative research workshop for PhD students and junior faculty, meets every three weeks to present and discuss work in progress. 

Organizer of the PhD workshop (Emlyon Business School), 2020-2021

A monthly workshop for PhD students to present their research ideas and projects and to learn about learning strategies, research methods, and the publication process.

PhD Representative 2018-2019

At Emlyon Business School. This role entailed organizing research and social events for students and faculty. Also, communicating with the PhD committee in order to improve the program.

Reviewer for the OMT division at AOM, since 2017